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Getting it Done. Having trouble deciding what is best to drink during and after a workout?. Photo credit: http://www.mdpdesigns.co.uk/sites/nandt/image2.html Before we get into the actual battle between nature and science, let’s first define the purpose of a sports. Sports Drinks vs. Energy Drinks by Dick Brewer first published in the August, 2006, Florida LMSC aware that they sweat in the pool, because the pool is already full of water. 1 December 19, 2005 Risk Analysis Glucose Based Sports Drinks vs. Structured Water for Hydration The modern athlete is increasingly aware of the need for adequate hydration to. Energy Drinks Rate your Buzz Energy Drink Reviews Enhanced Water Sports Drinks Sports vs. Energy Drinks Sports Drinks or Water Homemade Sports Drinks Replacing Electrolytes Dehydration is.



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