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 November 20, 2009, 15:13
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EGR has recently launched a line of Sunroof Deflectors custom fit for each individual application. Click on the link above to download the new Sunroof Deflector flyer. Deflectors, Bug guards, rain guards, wind deflectors, sunroof deflectors, headlight covers & tail light covers. Car, Truck, SUV or Van we've got great deflectors for where you need. Wade Sunroof Wind Deflectors are designed to give your vehicle a cool new look and increases air flow, while reducing wind and road noise. Sidewind Deflectors : Fender Flares : Specialty Series. The Wind Tamer deflects the wind up and over your sunroof greatly. More. WeatherTech Sunroof Wind Deflectors - Reduce interior wind noise and turbulence! The Sunroof Wind Deflector by WeatherTech redirects air to pass.



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