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Ocean Legacy is an Atlantic Salmon Aquaculture company located in New Brunswick,Canada and marine sites located in the Atlantic Ocean. An SQF certified processor of Atlantic Salmon. Enter your email to signup for the Cooks.com Recipe Newsletter. Smart Salmon is easy and fast to prepare! Cooking Instructions. There are three secrets to cooking great fish. Don’t Overcook; Don’t Overcook; Don’t Overcook Wild Salmon - Cooking Instructions Wild salmon is best served grilled, broiled or baked. A serving size is 6 oz. Costco stuffed salmon to the rescue! I picked up fresh bread on the way to the airport. Home » Discuss » DU Groups » Home & Family » Cooking & Baking Group. Karen, I forgot to mention portioning the salmon before cooking and freezing the extra. The onion-mayo sauce could also be portioned and refrigerated until needed as well. Cooking Instructions. Clean salmon,make sure you have a cavity to place sliced veggies and layered,sprinkle with spices,fold closed,place on a tin foil pan,big enough to lay out the.



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