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Creative Kitchen Mango Splitter [1067504] - Take the guess work out of finding the mango seed! Great for salads and snacking on a healthy and delicious fruit. Features Color: White. Brief and Straightforward Guide: What is a Mango Splitter?. A mango splitter is a kitchen tool which is designed to extract the recalcitrant pit of a mango with a minimum of fuss and. I love cooking, and I love gadgets. Therefore, I especially love kitchen gadgets. I got to have a little fun back in the fall when I wrote about cheap alternatives to wicked. Now get the most flesh from your mango with this ingenious cutter that easily maneuvers around the seed. • MANGO SPLITTER (Matfer Bourgeat) MYSKU0013 MANGO SPLITTER MANGO SPLITTER (Matfer Bourgeat). Mango Splitter For those who are looking for an easy and effortless way to cut mangos.



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