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This over the counter pill will block fat, which does not mean that with this pill you can consume all the chocolate you want. You get fat by eating too many calories. WASHINGTON- The direct response marketing industry has been offering a variety of fat-trappers, burners and repellants for several years, often being cited by the U.S. governmental. A full review of the popular fat blocking slimming pill. Does it really work to help you lose weight? what are the side effects? we find out My local drug store has diet pills, and fat because many work by partially blocking fat absorption- and if it's not absorbed, it needs to come out somehow. Herbal mixes and pills. Both pills block fat absorption, but in different ways: Alli, like its prescription-strength sister drug Xenical, prevents stomach enzymes from breaking down fat. Block & Bind diet pills are rather unique in that they contain both a fat blocker and a carb blocker.



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