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PCH Model: PCH-15 / PCH-25 / PCH-35 / PCH-45 / PCH-63 / PCH-84. High speed barrier washer extractor with two opposed doors. Capacity: 15/25/35/45/63/84 kg. Primus range includes high-spin freestanding washers extractor, washing machines, multi-load equipment, hygienic barrier washers extractors, tumble dryers and flatwork ironers. Barriers On Sale,Traffic Delineators & Channelizers,Accessories for Traffic Delineators,1¼” Bolt Nut & Washers Kit. Barrier (anti-cross-contamination) Washer-Extractors. Pass-through, double-door design helps prevent cross contamination. Barrier 100 Pullman Clean side recognized as a major innovator and manufacturer of flatwork dry-ironers, barrier design washers. Electrolux Barrier Washer Extractor WB3130H: Barrier Washer Extractor is new from Electrolux. Electrolux Washer 9kg High Speed Spin. The MicroSkin Plain Barrier or the barrier with the thin washer are appropriate for a flushed or recessed stoma. How does Cymed’s urostomy pouch connect to overnight drainage?



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