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The substance is a medium strong acid which reacts vigorously. The apparent melting point caused by loss of crystal water is given. The anhydrous form of oxalic acid has a. The physical properties of oxalic acid may be of interest in this connection. The stuff one buys is usually oxalic acid dihydrate, which is a crystal which has two water. Offering Oxalic Acid with following specifications: CAS NO.: 144-62-7 Appearance: Colorless transparent crystal Purity %: 99.6 Min Ash %: 0.1 Max Iron %: 0.02 Max Loss on. Save for hydroquinone ( 2c ), the 2:2 mixtures correspond to the sum of the 1:2 co-crystal + free oxalic acid, proving that the most stable stoichiometry is 1:2 for mono-OH compounds. Chemical formula: C8 H14 N4 O6: Crystal morphology: Fragment: Crystal system: monoclinic: Space group symbol: P21/c: Cell length a: 8.322(4) Cell length b: 11.203(5) Topic: Oxalic Acid Dihydrate titration question. (Read 1479 times) 0 Members and 1. Forget about the attached water molecules in the crystal, as they are irrelevant during.



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