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How to Make Mayan Hot Chocolate. Go back to the time of an ancient civilization with a cup of spicy, aromatic Mayan hot chocolate. The Mayan people believed that cocoa was a sacred. Another great way to enjoy a hot drink is by having an after dinner drink.. Amaretto, B and B, Bacardi Spice Rum, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Whipped Cream Hot Brandy Toddy Hot chocolate recipe, rich hot chocolaty recipes to snuggle up with. 1 glass Hot chocolate; 2 oz Malibu rum; 1 handful Marshmallows; 1 swirl Whipped cream; Sprinkle Cinnamon or nutmeg; Chocolate shavings; How to Mix it. Make hot chocolate, add malibu rum and stir Corporate Gift Hot Chocolate Packets and Custom Printed Drink Mixes. Promotional Hot Chocolate Gifts To Hand Out At Your Next Party Or Trade Show. Hot Drink Recipes Tip #2 - Try adding these ingredients to your cup of hot chocolate for a different taste: ΒΌ teaspoon cinnamon, a sprinkle of nutmeg, mini chocolate chips, a drop. Thank you, thank you - I have been making hot chocolate the easy-way-out method but will now try this wonderful sounding drink. My way was to break up the 76% chocolate I bought.



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