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Manufacturer. Northeast Automotive Paint. Name. The ORIGINAL "Indian Red" Porsche Red. Retail Price. 175.00. Internet Price $135.00. Brief Description. Acrylic Enamel Paint kit 50+ year old sliver knit pile manufacturer. Supplies paint roller, automotive, marine, pet, hospital supply, saddle pad industries. Manufacturer of Workin' Wooly Brand products. ASK Automotive Pvt. Ltd. - Manufacturer and exporter of brake components, automotive brake components, brake. Paint Shop facility with Liquid and Powder coating and Shot. Quality Clearcoats, Primers, Basecoats, Single Stage, Urethane Hardeners, Dry Pearls and value priced for the collision and repair industry. Autobody Products that dominate the. and his staff have worked along side the major automotive manufactures to solve and prevent paint. As a result, there have been numerous manufacturer bulletins.



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