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Catherine Marie's Decaf Irish Crème Flavored Coffee Beans Irish Creme coffee tastes like adding famous Bailey's Irish Creme liquor style to coffee, a very pleasant cup of coffee. The aromas of these coffee beans smell like baking spices with hints of sugary almonds and apricots. Just as the Amaretto liquor it hails after, Amaretto Flavored Coffee is. Regular coffee, flavored coffee and Decaf coffee.. Decaf Swiss Water Irish Mint flavored coffee is a minty fresh twist on an irish liquor. This coffee is lovingly flavored with the taste of old fashioned snickerdoodle cookies the famous Italian dessert with hints of liquor. We use 100% arabica Colombian coffee in our flavored coffees to insure that your. Jingle Bell Rock: Chocolate Liquor with a hint of melted Vanilla Sauce. Vascobel supplies roasted flavoured or flavored coffee with following flavors : amaretto, caramel, cappucino, hazelnut, irish cream and different chocolate, fruit, nut, liquor.



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