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Fat: Banana Calories: Banana Medium. weighed with skin: 130g: 1.1g: 21g: 0.27g: 86 cals: Banana Large. weighed with skin: 170g: 2g: 39g: 0.5g: 162 calories You won't believe this is low calorie once you tasted the strawberry banana recipe for a refreshing day-If you can't get a Maui Wowi, here is the next best thing. Find Starbucks Reduced Fat Banana Coffee Cake Calories and Nutrition Facts at PeerTrainer.com Calories in Banana. Get healthy alternatives or nutrition facts on Banana including the amount of calories, fat, cholesterol, sugar, protein, carbohydrates & vitamins with the. Our Fruit calorie counter shows the. Low Calorie / Low Fat; Nuts & Seeds; Sandwiches an avocado pear (145g): 275kcal . Banana, Average, Fresh, Raw without Skin. Calories in. Calories: Fat: Carbs: Fiber: Cholesterol: Sodium: Protein: Banana Split: 467: 11: 75: 3: 23: 224: 6: Hot Fudge Sundae: 392: 15: 40: 0: 27: 255: 6: Strawberry Sundae: 322: 11: 32: 1: 26: 213: 6: Chocolate Sundae.



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