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Stay informed on the latest Adjusted Closing Price news. TheStreet is the source for financial market and Wall Street news, trading stock and personal finance advice. Adjustments - The charts are adjusted to smooth out the effect of average helps to smooth out volatility in a security's price or volume. For example, a 20-day average of closing. Consumer Price Index; Producer Price Indexes; Import/Export Price Indexes. Over-the-month changes between Revisions, 1st Closing to 2nd Closing Seasonally Adjusted Total Nonfarm All. In adjusted continuous series, UA uses the closing and/or opening price differential on the roll-forward day to adjust and therefore splice the prices into the past. Last Adjusted Closing Price (LACP) Trading Phases and Marketing Timing : Principles of Theoretical Opening Price and Theoretical Closing Price Calculations. share price (p) as @ closing price 31.12.09: 2,017: 3: Latest share price can be found from the share price monitor : 4 : 5 : adjusted diluted eps (p)



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