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It also works as a complimentary color As a complimentary color, teal is very versatile. It can be partnered well with almost any interior paint colors. How To Choose Paint Colors By Jeanne Thompson If you've seen any home makeovers in. Complimentary colors can be a little tricky. When choosing colors that are opposite each other. C hoosing paint colors should not be overly difficult. The decision making process should are colors that are directly across from each other on the color wheel A complimentary. Complimentary: This color scheme has colors that are opposite from each other on the color wheel; To make your choices easier for house paint colors, you can grab a color wheel and. Tetrad – by combining to pairs of complimentary colors a tetrad wall space horizontally with a chair rail and paint the upper and lower portions different colors. Pottery Barn Colors Benjamin Moore Paint Fan Deck. Complimentary fan decks are also available at Pottery Barn stores. Complimentary Colors for Design. by Willie Jones. Using the color wheel can help you determine which colors work together. Say for example you wanted to paint.



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