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Steam Curling Irons, Steam Hair Roller: coming soon!. Other curling iron features include steam, a safety tip, and an automatic shut off. Steam will help lock the curls in place, important for those with hard-to-curl hair; steam is. CARUSO Molecular Steam Hair Curlers 30 Rollers * NEW * US $39.99: GINALLI MILANO 25mm HAIR CURLER,CURLING IRON, NEW,PINK US $39.99: Babyliss Pro Ceramic Spring Curling Iron 3/4" 19mm. Style n' Go, Handbag size, Butane Steam Curling Iron. Carmen Girls Angel Curls Ceramic Styler, Steam Dream 3-in. Featured Curling Irons - Deals of the day. steam iron, steam ironing] Select : JRI089 hair iron curling iron hair straightener flat iron straighteners 1>It is fitted with high-grade ceramic plates for even heat distribution.



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