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Kleinert's Incontinence Products. Advanced USA Manufactured Products To Keep A Dry and Comfortable. Advanced Duralite Nylon Waterproof Pants No. Diapers for an adult, plastic, and cloth items are common on our site. Adult incontinence products such as pads, pants, or general medical supplies make our site a one-stop shop. If you are looking for the plastic-coated, pull-on Salk Sani-Pants they are listed below also. Moisture proof Sani-Pants are worn over various incontinence products by some of our. adult baby baby cloth diaper Windelhose suprima adult diapers incontinence plastic pants. Total Products: 9 Page: 1 of 1 First ←Previous Next→ End. Incontinence plastic pants can help you live a normal life as they allow you to go about your daily. Home | Shop Products | Site Map | Billing |. Incontinence plastic pants 1249, snap-on type S, M and L. Products. Incontinence plastic pants 1249, snap-on type S, M and L.



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