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Chevelle Bucket Seat Foam Cushion, 1968-1970 Reproduction Of Original; Sold Per Seat, Includes One Back And One Bottom. Camaro Bucket Seat Side Cover Fasteners, 1970 Eckler's Camaro Parts, 1970-2010 Camaro Parts, Camaro accessories and Camaro reproduction & restoration parts, upgrade accessories, hi. 1983 Monte Carlo Bucket (Reproduction) Seat Covers White vinyl w/Blue cloth PUI 83MSC03U FREE SHIP: $285.99 This is a perfect reproduction driver side bucket seat frame for your Camaro or Firebird. It will replace your old, worn out, or rusted seat frames perfectly. Covers: Interior & Seat Parts. One Pair Required Per Bucket Seat. These Bracket Covers Feature The Correct Grain And Original Configuration Producing A Quality Reproduction.



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