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Home; Food & Drink; Bread Baking. Your First Loaf of Bread. Never baked bread before? It's easier than you think Bread,bread making, bread recipe, Brisbane,Homebread, Homemade Bread, Home Made Bread, Breadmachines, breadmachine, bread machines, baking, breadbaking, bread premix, bread flour. Baking Bread LLC is an in home bakery in Orange County Virginia. We make everything from scratch using an old family recipe. We ship online nation wide so that you can get a taste. Home baking with a nice cuppa on arrival. And fresh baked bread for your breakfast. We specialise in traditional home baking and bring you the finest scones, cakes, bread and puddings from our dedicated kitchen at Achray Farm. we bake as we go along and you can take the final products home if you know someone who is just itching to learn how to bake bread why not give them a gift voucher for a baking.



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