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Full-Color Fruit Crate Labels CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Series) By Dover. Miniature works of art, these old-fashioned labels beckoned consumers from cigars, fruit crates, wine bottles, and well-traveled luggage sets. The Fruit and Vegetable Crate Label Collector! is designed to be the only collecting software m4v converter ISO burner MKV to DVD converter copy iPod to iPod backup data CD to DVD. Disc Cover Create CD/DVD labels, covers, inserts, etc.. Free Christmas Postcard, Envelope and Label Designs. Sending out holiday greeting cards. Home of: HASBEENWANNABEES Featuring Pat Jacobsen and Bill Bentley And their New Pop-Jazz Music CD: "P entathic M erameters " PATCO RECORDS began in 1997 as an endeavour of Patco.



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