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Dr Greene Prenatal Vitamin: Duet® Tablets: DuetDHA Complete: Gesticare DH Prenatal: Gesticare Prenatal : Lactofal-F Tablets: Maxi Pre-Natal : Maxinate® Prenatal. Read on to find out why amsn0102 gives Duet DHA StuartNatal Oral Pills 5 out of 5 stars on consumer reviews site www.viewpoints.com Drugs & Medications - Duet DHA Prenatal Oral is a multivitamin, mineral, and fatty acid product used to treat or prevent vitamin. Duet DHA (multivitamin, prenatal): I know everyone is different, but this vitamin is by far the best one out there. I've taken many prenatal vitamins and they've always made my. Vitamin combination, prenatal formula (By mouth). Natalcare, PrimaCare, Natelle, Vitafol-OB, Precare, Prenatal-U, Vinate GT, Natelle-ez, Duet. First and Only Single Capsule Daily Rx Prenatal Vitamin With Plant-Based DHA Now Available. Duet DHA(ec) (package insert). Newport,KY: Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals, Inc; 2007.



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