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Cadbury Star Bar - 53g - 1.8oz Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate 100g - 3.5oz Cadbury's Crunchie 1.4oz Cadbury Flake Dark Cadbury's Flake 1.1oz Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar with Caramel - 50g Britsuperstore News. Browse our store or search for your favourite. Cadbury Twirl Chocolate Twirl bar from Cadburys. Over a million Cadbury chocolate bars are to be taken off the shelves over salmonella fears. Cadbury Twirl - Rippled chocolate encased in milk chocolate - Two sticks of rippled milk chocolate dipped in Cadbury milk chocolate to make the shell. Chocolate coupons - Chocolate Candy bars coupons, Ghirardelli Chocolate coupons, Hershey Chocolate coupons, Cadbury Chocolate Coupons, Godiva Chocolate Coupons, Nestle Chocolate. Cadbury Picnic - Chocolate covered wafer, nuts and raisins - Classic Cadbury milk chocolate covering layers of wafer, nuts and raisins. Box of 48 Standard size chocolate bars. Cadbury in Britain is certifying it’s Dairy Milk bar with fair trade cocoa from Ghana.



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